3D Fiber Mascara

You may have heard of the latest development in mascara technology: 3D Fiber Mascara.

This is so much more than ordinary mascara, as it is designed to boost your lashes by as much as 300%.

If you have straight, short, skinny little lashes, they can instantly be transformed into lush, long lashes that beautifully frame your eyes.

Best of all, it achieves all of that without you having to try and glue false lashes, or having to spend a fortune on lash extensions.

3D Fiber Mascara

Women all over the world, unsurprisingly, have fallen in love with 3D Fiber Mascara.

They say it makes them feel glamorous and more beautiful, thereby also increasing their self-confidence.

This really demonstrates how this is so much more than a simple piece of makeup.

What Is 3D Fiber Mascara?

Some people confuse this product for false eye lashes, but that is not what it is.

Rather, it is a product that comes with two separate tubes, each with its own wand brush.

You apply it in the same way as regular mascara.

In fact, a simple three step process is all you need to follow to have amazing lashes.

The product uses natural fibers and transplanting gel, which helps to create an appearance of volume and thickness.

Best of all, the fibers are completely natural because they are derived from the green tea plant.

The Three Step Application Process

Applying 3D Fiber Mascara is very easy.

First of all, apply your normal, favorite mascara as you normally would and allow this to dry.

Then, apply the transplanting gel using the provided wand.

Immediately after, so don't wait for it to dry, apply the natural fibers.

If you want to go for a real va-va-voom effect, you can repeat the gel and fibers.

Always end with a layer of gel.

You can also choose to skip step one if you want to.

It is all down to your own personal preferences.

Some people find that the undercoat of regular mascara changes very little, others find it adds a lot.

Interestingly, it is best to avoid thickening mascaras, and choose lengthening versions instead.

This does improve the overall effect.

tlc 3d fiber mascara3D Fiber Mascara, as such, works just like regular mascara.

Hence, you have to reapply it every day just as you would with regular mascara.

Some people have observed that they can go for as long as 16 hours without needing to touch it up.

Others have applied it for a night out and woke up the next morning finding it still looked perfect.

The mascara is suitable for all skin types.

However, those who have particularly oily skin may find they have less problems with smearing if they apply a bit of primer to their eyelids first.

This will keep oil away from the fibers.

Additionally, they may want to put a little bit of waterproof mascara on the very end tips of their lashes.

Some people have noticed that the mascara flakes.

However, this should only happen if they have applied the fibers too long after applying the gel, meaning the gel has already dried.

Alternatively, they may have forgotten to apply the gel afterwards.

Meanwhile, it is also recommended not to apply the fibers too close to the eyes.

But the product is completely suitable for people with contacts, and this should not cause any issues.

As stated, 3D Fiber Mascara can increase the length of eyelashes by as much as 300%.

To achieve this, it is recommended to apply at least two coatings.

Additionally, the product is water resistant.

This means that it will stay put even after a swimming – or crying – session.

One of the most important things about the mascara is that it does not do any damage to the eyelashes.

This is very different from other waterproof mascaras and from false lashes.

This is because the product does not pull on the lashes.

It can simply be removed with some warm water and a face wash.

Some people are even suggesting that the fibers nourish the lashes, making them appear darker and thicker than before.

The product is completely natural and it is easy to see why it is becoming so popular so quickly.

Women who wear it have experienced a tremendous boost in self-confidence.

Eyes, they say, are the windows of the soul and many women find it very important to frame those ‘windows' properly, highlighting their most special features.

Easy to apply, long lasting, waterproof, nourishing and convenient, this product ought to be a staple item in any woman's makeup arsenal.

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