Iaso Tea – A Must Read Quick Iaso Tea Review

Iaso Tea – So, What's Up?

Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is made by Total Life Changes (TLC).

This is a marketing company that has been around for a very long time and that now has a presence in some 140 countries around the world.

Their Iaso Tea product guarantees people can lose ‘5 pounds in 5 days' and you can easily find an Iaso Tea review from someone who says that the claim is true, and that they even lost more than five pounds.

Plus, the tea is supposed to good for both mesomorph and endomorph body types.

The tea is made up of nine different ingredients that are said to work in synergy to help you detox, flushing harmful toxins from your body.

The ingredients are ginger, holy thistle, blessed thistle, papaya, marshmallow leaves and roots, myrrh, malva leaves from the Chinese mallow, chamomile and persimmon leaves.

These are all natural ingredients that have been used in traditional Ayurvedic treatments and medicine for hundreds of years.

Iaso Tea

The tea has a number of clear benefits. I feel that any Iaso Tea review should start by saying it is a delicious drink that is affordable as well.

It is not a stimulant or laxative, nor is it addictive. It helps to detox the liver, getting rid of chemicals, bacteria, parasites and other toxins.

It also detoxes other important organs of the body, promoting alkalinity.

People have also noticed an improvement in constipation, indigestion, bloating and acid reflux.

Furthermore, it helps to expel nicotine from the blood and worms from the body, while at the same time improving weight loss.

It can be taken by anyone over 12 years old and is clinically proven to be perfectly safe.

No Iaso Tea review would be complete – or honest – without some discussion about the negative side as well.

According to TLC, the tea does not have side effects. This isn't entirely true, although the side effects that do exist are neither harmful nor permanent.

Within a few days, you are likely to notice that you have more frequent urination.

Additionally, your stools will be loose and tar-like in look, as well as smelling very foul.

You may also experience some gas and bloating. Some people have noticed headaches as well, which could be due to mild dehydration.

None of these side effects are dangerous, however, and they are simply a sign of the tea working by breaking through all the bad toxins and other chemicals inside your body.

To avoid the headaches, just make sure you drink plenty of water.

These side effects are also very minor, particularly once you see that you did indeed lose 5 pounds in 5 days, at which point you are unlikely to want to stop using the product anymore.

The great thing also is that the side effects will then also start to disappear.

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