Is This The Best Cucumber Water Recipe?

If you're looking for a cucumber water recipe, then you are going to simply love this Cucumber Water Recipe Boosted with Iaso Tea.

So why cucumbers? Chances are you already know what and that's why you want a cucumber water recipe.  I enjoy eating cucumber so much so we grow them each year in our backyard organic garden.

Some of the benefits of cucumber water is that it helps you stay hydrated, delivers antioxidants, lower blood pressure, boosts bone health, helps to prevent cancer, promotes healthy skin and our all time favorite it helps with weight loss.

When you add fresh lemon to the cucumber you can enjoy the added benefits of a good amount of vitamin C. Plus it prevents weight gain by suppressing fat accumulation.

Cucumber Water Recipe

Here is how you can accelerate the benefits of your cucumber and lemon water by adding Iaso Tea. This perfect combination of fresh fruits and organic herbs will boost your overall gut health, increase metabolism, get rid of belly fat.

Before you know it, you will start feeling lighter and more energized with just 1 cup of this cucumber and lemon water infused with Iaso Tea.

If you feel like snacking, in between meals this powerful cucumber and lemon water infused with Iaso Tea will help curb your appetite to keep you with that full feeling. Check out my recipe below.

The Drink-n-Eat Cucumber and Iaso Tea Detox.
1/2 Organic Cucumber
1/2 Fresh Lemon
12 oz Iaso Detox Tea

Directions: Cut organic cucumbers, then cut a fresh lemon in half and quarter it. Pour in your pre-made Iaso Tea Detox, squeeze the other half of lemon juice, stir and ice then enjoy!

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