Stephen Pierce Before Total Life Changes

Stephen PierceBefore Stephen Pierce joined Total Life Changes and created the Iaso Tea Reviews website, he use to travel internationally as a public speaker.

The spotlight follows him as he makes his way to the stage. From the nose up, he looks a little like Samuel L. Jackson in Star Wars. The music rises and an auditorium of fans hoots and hollers, waiting eagerly to bask in his wisdom, to literally write down his every word. Is he a rock star? An actor? A powerful politician?No, he’s Stephen Pierce, a 42-year old internet marketing whiz who just 12 years ago was bankrupt, homeless and still nursing a bullet from an earlier drug deal gone bad.

“I bounced back and forth between suicidal and homicidal,” he says to his appreciative audience. “It was at that point I decided I was going to stop blaming everybody else and take responsibility for my life.”

It was a wise move. From that pivotal moment, Pierce has gone on to become what many believe is the world’s #1 internet wealth advocate. With 27 employees and contractors spread across the world, his companies rake in millions every year. He coaches CEO’s on how to better harness the web and he teaches everyday Joes, who flock to his seminars, how to stop waiting for the financial crisis to be over and start getting over their financial crisis.

Those are the kinds of phrases he likes to use.

“I learned a long time ago that you’ve got to work on the psychology. The biggest threat to most people’s future is the past they won’t let go of. I can give someone the tools to become successful, but until they get out of their own way, until they can actually see themselves succeeding, they’re going to suffer the consequences from the poison of doubt and disbelief,” Pierce says.

Unlike some empowerment gurus who have been caught with their pants down, Pierce walks the talk. Everyday. When his cell phone alarm wakes him up at 3:30 a.m. with the message, “Something great is going to happen to me today,” he jumps out of bed in his 12,000-square-foot Texas home and begins preparing his own mindset. He prays, meditates, reads his Bible and works out before he ever so much as opens the lid on the laptop that enabled him to make millions of dollars on the internet. And if he happens to have an early flight, he’ll get up that much earlier, at 2:30 a.m. if that’s what it takes, to perform his all-important daily success ritual.

“I use to be intoxicated with negativity and drunk on doubt. The liquor of lies is, ‘I can't’,” he says. “Personal extinction begins with ‘I can't’ and is finalized with ‘I won't’.

Every single morning, my success ritual helps me to detox negativity while I renew my commitment to being extraordinary.”Pierce says, “Being extraordinary or succeeding at anything requires us to step away from the biggest drug on the planet, procrastination. Procrastination is a narcotic; it's addictive and habit forming.”

And it’s not just a shtick to sell seminar seats. He lives self-empowerment 24/7. In his balls-to-the wall quest to become the best he can be, he takes nutritional supplements, uses brain entrainment, a powerful tool that, he claims, enables brain waves to sync with certain states of mind, and researches every gimmick and self-help product on the market.

Those that do what they claim get added to his routine and suggested to his growing entourage and faithful groupies.

If he’s not instantly downloading books, they are showing up at his doorstep. When deliveries come to his door, they don’t drop off a flimsy Amazon envelope. They bring stacks of boxes, all books that Pierce speed-reads in order to become what he likes to call “an intellectual Hercules.”

Tool number one in Pierce’s arsenal is to answer the question “Why must I win?” He says it’s vital to have that powerful fuel to get you through the rough patches.

“And there will be rough patches, because all of life is littered with trials and tribulation.

No one is exempt. No one has immunity,” Pierce says. “That’s one thing I can guarantee 100 percent. But it’s a lot easier not to surrender your soul to the bogie man in your brain if you know why you must win.”

Pierce’s own struggles started early. Raised in the D.C. area, he was kicked out of school at 16 for being unteachable, abandoned by those closes to him and forced to live on the streets. After getting shot during a drug deal gone bad in Greensboro, North Carolina and ending up in the hospital with no insurance (he keeps the bullet there to remind him how far he has come), he decided there had to be a better way.

It took a while to find it. Before he discovered his knack for leveraging the internet, he tried a lot of other entrepreneurial schemes including vinyl repair, advertising sales, telemarketing, business arbitration, network marketing and mail order to name a few.

But he wanted more. And now, his own motivation, the reason he does what he does, is to “give more life to more people” through his personal life philosophy called “G.E.M.” which is to grow your knowledge, expand your possibilities and multiply your income.

“If you’re always worried, stressed and in fear about money, you’re not free,” he says. “And freedom is what’s going to ultimately save us.”

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