Iaso Cafe

Iaso Cafe has taken the coffee market by storm.

Did you know that manufacturers import more than $4 billion worth of coffee into the US every year.

Not a surprise when you consider the fact that more than 200 million Americans drink multiple cups of coffee every day, spending hundreds of dollars on buying their favorite beverage every month.

Blame it on the TV or the movies but the fact remains that getting a fresh cup of Starbucks (or Tim Hortons for you Canadians) every morning is as much a style statement as it is a necessity for a vast number of the first world denizens.

In this day and age, we love drinking coffee and we love drinking as much of it as we possibly can.

Just last year Harvard University estimated that more than 54% of adult Americans drink coffee every day, spending an estimated $40 billion on buying cups of coffee every year.

No wonder the coffee shop chains are laughing their way to the bank.

For the longest time, benefits or harms of drinking coffee have been debated to death and while we are not going to get into that perennial debate in this article, we are going to ponder over a unique concept.

What if the cups of coffee you drank also provided you with immense benefits?

While researchers are not 100% sure whether regular coffee provides you with any substantial health benefits or not, clinical studies conducted in the US, the UK, China and Japan have confirmed that there does exist a blend of coffee that provides benefits that far surpass our expectations.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, we are talking about the famous Iaso Cafe – a blend of coffee that is infused with an extract that is referred to as ‘god’s herb’ in China.

Iaso CafeWhat is Iaso Cafe?

For thousands of years, people in the Far East have relied upon reishi mushrooms to keep themselves spry and healthy even when they enter an old age.

The mysterious East contains a lot of secrets not known to the western world and till some time ago, the health benefits provided reishi mushrooms was one such closely guarded secret.

The Chinese and the Japanese believed that this mushroom contained properties that not only delay aging but also provide protection against heart diseases, liver problems and a better immune system.

While these reishi mushrooms come in different colors and varieties, it is their red variety that was said to contain the most benefits of them all.

Researches took the essential extract from these magical mushrooms (the Ganoderma Lucidum extract) and infused it with different blends of coffee to make a drink that is not only delicious but also immensely beneficial for your health.

Could you have ever imagined that drinking multiple cups of coffee daily could actually provide you with so many benefits?

Now you can.

What’s the big deal about red reishi mushrooms?

You have to take a closer look at the composition of red reishi mushrooms to understand why they are considered so valuable in the East.

Red reishi are made up of proteins, amino acids, triterpeniods, and polysaccharides. The latter two are what makes this mushroom so special.

Polysaccharides are a water soluble complex carbohydrate that is known to have the effects of a lower blood pressure, strengthened immune and a protection against tumors on the human body.

Triterpenes (also known as ganoderic acids) on the other hand help in alleviating common allergies, protecting the liver and improve oxygen utilization through our bodies.

They are also the component famous for providing a bitter taste to these red mushrooms.

People in the Far East consume these mushrooms on a regular basis to avail of these benefits and lengthen their lives by a considerable amount.

They believe in consuming this when they are in good healthy and not just when they fall ill.

After all prevention is better than the cure right?

Why don’t I just eat the Mushroom? Why should I drink Iaso Cafe?

While people in the Far East might be able to eat these red mushrooms raw as their palettes are used to such bitter tastes, doing so for someone who’s originally not from there can be rather difficult.

As mentioned above these red reishi mushrooms are extremely bitter and for you to eat it everyday would be a rather uphill task.

Therefore it is much easier for a person to drink a blend of coffee that is infused with pure ganoderma lucidum extract and reap all of the benefits mentioned above and more.

After all most of us drink coffee multiple times a day. Why not make it beneficial for our bodies too?

Iaso Cafe comes in a whole lot of flavors ranging from cappuccino, to mocha and chocolate so there is no fear that you might get bored of its taste after a while.

Each blend of Iaso Cafe has it’s own unique qualities while maintaining the same smooth finish and rich taste that people have come to expect from this brand over the years.

Better health, lesser weight and greater taste- there’s virtually no excuse for anyone to not include Iaso Cafe in their daily lives.

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