Is There An Iaso Tea Scam?

You reached this page because you are wondering if there is an Iaso Tea scam.

Well, like you, a lot of people are interested in Iaso Tea by Total Life Changes (TLC).

They want to know more about the tea itself and also about the business opportunity that is also available.

Naturally, as people are now careful about how they spend their money, they want to check if there is any possible Iaso Tea scam.

Let's take a look, therefore, at the product and opportunity.

Iaso Tea ScamAs stated, Iaso Tea is a TLC product.

TLC was founded in 1999 by Jack Fallon and Armand Puyolt and the company now has a presence in 140 different countries.

Their corporate headquarters are in Cheserfield, MI, but there are many other large offices around the world.

The company focuses on delivering products related to the health and wellness industry.

The tea, meanwhile, is a completely natural tea that contains nine different herbs.

The herbs work in synergy to clean the lower and upper intestines, cleansing the body of parasites, worms and toxins.

These toxins enter our body through our environment and the foods we eat.

By cleansing the body, the tea also supports natural weight loss.

The nine herbs are persimmon leaves, holy thistle, marshmallow leaves, malva leaves, papaya, blessed thistle, chamomile, ginger, and myrrh.

Put together, they help to naturally detox the body, leading to sustainable weight loss.

The 100% organic product cleanses the digestive system and has a gentle taste.

Iaso Tea

It helps to remove any excess fat storage and also acts as an antioxidant.

Furthermore, it improves circulation and helps to purify the blood and body.

It also aids in digestion, promotes cardiovascular health and is anti-inflammatory.

You only have to consume 8 ounces of tea twice a day in order to experience dramatic weight loss.

The company says you can lose 5 pounds in 5 days, which is why most say there is no Iaso Tea scam, but instead it is a ‘miracle' tea.

To make it clear, there is no Iaso Tea scam.

It is a legitimate product that has been created to improve a person's overall health, help that person to lose weight and increase his or her energy levels.

Becoming a TLC distributor for Iaso Tea like I am, if you so choose, is not a scam either, as many people have built a successful business in doing so.

I joined Total Life Changes in February 2015 and the have been using the products every since and been collecting weekly pay on time every week from TLC.

So I can tell you from personal experience that TLC is not a scam and there is no Iaso Tea scam either.

The tea is amazing!

Sure, some people will call it a scam because it is a multi-level marketing opportunity, but if you were to try the tea for yourself and see the benefits, you would quickly realize that this is simply a product worth trying… and also worth selling as an Independent Business Owner for TLC.

Both the tea and the business opportunity are ways for you to improve the quality of you life in general, both in terms of your physical health and in terms of your financial health.

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