Iaso Tea is a weight loss and cleansing product by Total Life Changes (TLC). TLC is a company that has a presence in over 140 countries and that enables people to purchase health and wellness products either for their own personal use, or to become independent distributors.

Iaso Tea is one of their more popular products and it promises to enable people to ‘lose 5 pounds in 5 days'. Interestingly, while this seems a pretty big claim to make, the many reviews out there seem to support that it is actually a reality. So how do you use the product? The following Iaso tea directions may be of benefit to you.

The Iaso Tea directions couldn't be any easier. Making the tea is a simple, three-step process. When you receive your product, you will notice that there are plastic bags with two tea bags each, which are enough to make around a gallon of tea.

Iaso Tea Directions

Start by boiling about four cups of water, then leave it to cool down up to the point where it won't scald your skin anymore. Pour this water into a kettle and place your two bags in there, then leave it to sit for eight hours.

Leaving it overnight also works really well. Next, get a one-gallon container and pour the tea in there, then top it with regular water to get to a gallon.

Naturally, you can also spread it over several half-gallon containers, so long as you always have one part steeped tea to three parts water. You can also leave the tea bags in until you have consumed your tea.

The final step is to keep your tea in the fridge until it is all gone.

Of course, Iaso Tea directions wouldn't be complete without telling you how to drink it as well. It is up to you whether you want to drink it iced, cold or hot. If you prefer hot tea, you will have to reheat it, which is best done with a small pot.

Do not bring the water back to a boil, however, and don't reheat it using a microwave. Once you have had the full gallon, you can dry the bags out and, if you like, use the leaves in dishes like salads, shakes or sauces.

You should drink at least 16oz to 20oz of the tea each day. For instance, have four ounces at breakfast and another four for lunch, then another four as a midday snack and a final eight ounces with your evening meal.

Doing it this way is perfect if you want to have the maximum digestive and detox benefits, but you can drink it any way you want, on either an empty or a full stomach.

You can accelerate your results with Iaso Tea by using it with Resolution Drops.

Iaso Tea Directions