A Quick Guide To Iaso Tea Ingredients

Iaso Tea is a unique kind of herbal tea that is made from a blend of naturally edible herbs that are beneficial for our bodies and that is why, drinking it on a continuous basis has the effect of detoxifying the body while also inducing weight loss.

Many of us do not realize that the modern processing methods for food and dairy products have resulted in the destruction of our bodily enzymes, which are important to the health of our digestive system, especially the colon and this herbal tea helps to restore the balance that our bodies need to function properly.

Iaso Tea

The reasons for the amazing effectiveness of Iaso Tea are it’s amazing Iaso Tea ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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Iaso Tea Ingredients

The nine essential Iaso Tea ingredients are as follows:

Holy Thistle, also known as Silybum marianum, holy thistle helps remove the toxins in the liver and has been used for two millennia in the treatment of liver conditions such as jaundice and other conditions of the spleen & gallbladder. The most active ingredient of holy thistle is Silymarin, which is a flavinoid and a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the liver.

Blessed Thistle aka Cnicus benedictus or Carduus benedictus has been used in traditional medicine for some centuries for its medical properties such as stimulating the appetite and purifying the blood. It is also extensively used in herbal medicine to treat conditions ranging from cancer to diarrhea and assorted skin conditions.

Persimmon Leaves or Diospyros kaki are of Chinese origin and has been cultivated for centuries in Japan. The leaves contain tannins and flavinoids which are beneficial for hypertension and carcinogenic conditions and also serve as a mild laxative. It is used to treat allergic conditions such as hay fever without the necessity of using antihistamines which may have adverse side effects.

Iaso Tea Ingredients PicturesMalva Leaves (Malva verticillata), which boast of a pleasant flavour, have been cultivated in China for hundreds of years as well as in some European countries as a salad ingredient. They are used to brew tea to soothe digestive system membranes, to softe the skin as well as a mild laxative. In China, it is also used as an expectorant and to treat sore throats.

Marsh Mallow or  Althaea officinalis was used in ancient Greece to treat bruises and bleeding while also being considered a mild laxative. It also has a history for treatment of irritations of the respiratory tract particularly to treat persistent and irritating coughs. It becomes slick and slippery when exposed to fluids and forms a coating for the linings of the mouth, throat and stomach.

Papaya is a fruit from the yellow and orange group which has outstanding health benefits. It is rich in oxidants, vitamins and minerals which aid in the health of the cardiovascular system and offer protection from cancer of the colon. It also contains the digestive enzyme papain.

Ginger is officially acknowledged to be a treatment for indigestion or loss of appetite and can also be used to treat all kinds of nausea and vomiting. It is also highly effective when it comes to treating motion sickness.

Chamomile is used both internally and externally for a wide range of conditions. It is an antibacterial tonic which can also be used to treat digestive disorders. It is also a mild appetite stimulant and can help to reduce flatulence.

Myrrh is an Arabian resin which is used in the preparation of herbal mouthwash and remedies for sore throats. It is commonly used to treat irritations of the mouth and throat and to improve bad breath.

It’s the combination of these Iaso Tea ingredients ingredients that makes Iaso Tea so special and sets it apart from other kind of health teas.

No other tea has the powerful combination of the Iaso Tea ingredients.