What Do The Iaso Tea Testimonials Say?

Iaso Tea is a very popular tea manufactured by the Total Life Changes (TLC) company and has produced many Iaso Tea testimonials online.

Iaso Tea

This company has created a number of well-known health and wellness products and they have a presence in over 140 countries across the world.

While TLC also offers a business opportunity for those who want to become independent distributors of their various products, it is equally possible to simply purchase the products and experience the benefits they offer.

Iaso Tea is based on nine natural ingredients that work in synergy to cleanse and detox the body.

According to TLC, the tea makes it possible to ‘lose 5 pounds in 5 days'.

That is a pretty big claim, so it may be useful for you to take a look at some of the Iaso Tea testimonials to see what others have said about the tea.

We will also take a brief look Iaso Tea Testimonialsat some of the testimonials linked to the business opportunity.

One thing you will notice if you were to look up the Iaso Tea testimonials is that people are consistently praising this product.

Many agree that it is indeed possible to lose five pounds in five days, with some even saying that they were able to lose more.

What you will also notice quite consistently is that many people report the same side effects.

Now, according to TLC, there are no known side effects associated with this product, and this seems to be untrue.

In testimonials, you will see people mention that they have to urinate very frequently, that the consistency, color and smell of their stools changes, that they feel quite gassy and bloated and that they suffer from headaches.

However, the reviews also all agree that these side effects only last for a few days and are most likely to be a sign of the body ridding itself of all the toxins, intestinal parasites, worms and other harmful chemicals found within it.

After all, that is what the product is designed to do.

It is slightly more difficult to find Iaso Tea testimonials for the business opportunity, although those that are out there are reasonably positive.

It seems that most people simply purchase the products for themselves and are more interested in sharing information about that element.

The vast majority of people who do become involved in the business opportunity have used, and often continue to use, most of the TLC products themselves and they sell it simply because others want to know where they got theirs from.



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TLC is a highly respected company with excellent products and a fantastic support network for its customers and resellers.

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