What Is Iaso Detox Tea And How Does It Work?

Iaso Detox TeaIaso detox tea is one of the most popular products marketed by Total Life Changes, or TLC.

The product is hailed as a ‘miracle tea' both by TLC and by their many customers.

It is also claimed that it can help you lose five pounds in five days, which is a significant claim that seems to be substantiated judging from the various reviews that have been left.

TLC also offers people the chance to become independent distributors for their teas as well as their various other products.

Their goal is to make sure people are empowered to make positive life changes that make them look better and feel better at the same time.

As such, they offer products for weight loss, extra energy, outward beauty and more.

The Iaso tea, however, is by far their most popular and the majority of TLC's distributors use it daily themselves as well.

So what is Iaso detox tea? Essentially, it is a tea made up of nine different herbs and plants.

Iaso Tea

According to TLC, these are 100% natural, and the ingredients have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

The herbs address various digestion issues and, in synergy with each other, flush the system of all toxins, chemicals, parasites and even worms.

TLC will tell you that we collect all sorts of nasty things in our day to day life, through the air we breathe, the water we drink and the processed foods we consume.

As a result, a product like Iaso detox tea is needed, as it helps the body get rid of all this pollution.

The chemicals and toxins that are flushed out of the system impede regular digestion, which leads to hormonal imbalances, increased glucose levels and sugar cravings, leptin resistance, weight gain, a slower metabolism and more.

By drinking the tea, the body is effectively able to reset itself to its normal state.

So does it work? According to the thousands of Iaso detox tea reviews that are out there, it certainly does.

Many people agree that this is indeed a ‘miracle tea' and that it has made them feel happier and healthier overall, which are the exact goals of TLC as a company.

They say that during the first few days of drinking the tea, you really notice that bad things are exiting the body, through increased urination, changes in regular stools, bloating, gas and even headaches.

However, after those first few days, these symptoms all disappear, at which point the body is free of toxins and has properly cleansed itself.

Most reviewers that you will come across agree that you can lose five pounds in five days, if not more, particularly if you support it with a nutritious, healthy diet and regular exercise.