SlimR – The Secret To It's Success

SlimR is the ultimate body toning cream released by Total Life Changes.

Total Life Changes, or TLC, was launched in Chesterfield, Michigan in 1999.

Since then, they have grown from strength to strength, opening a second office in 2014 in Fontana, California.

The company produces a range of health and beauty products, with Iaso Tea being one of their most popular ones.

In fact, it was voted the 6th most popular product of 2015 that was sold through network marketing.

The founder and CEO of TLC is Jack Fallon.

He works together with the company president Armand Puyolt.

Together, they have built a presence in over 150 countries all over the world.

They deliver their products from eight warehouses that are placed all over the planet, so that everybody is able to receive their products quickly and securely.

After some 15 years of business, the company has built a reputation as being one of the best out there in terms of quality products.

They are also hailed for their amazing customer service and support so that people who use their products – be that for themselves or as a reseller – can get all the advice they require.

The products are all known to be highly effective, not in the least because of their purity.

For the first six months of 2015, TLC reported a growth of 327%.

They are the most popular company on MLMRanking, which is a famous and highly respected research and ranking company.

This is a true testament to the quality of products that TLC produces.

One of the reasons for TLC's continued success and growth is that they are constantly creating new products, each of which are loved by their many customers.

The company has long had a strong focus on helping people to be healthy on the inside and on the outside.

This is why they have a range of products that help to enhance physical beauty by improving internal health.

Some of their most popular products include the shape enhancing garments, designed to make people look better.

However, a few months ago, they also launched two specific products that are designed to deliver more permanent results.

The two products were the SlimPM, which is a weight loss drink that should be used before bedtime.

The second product, and the one we will be discussing here, is the SlimR product.

Both have been hugely popular since their release.

SlimPM has been available since August, and SlimR was released just a month after.

What Is SlimR

SlimRSlimR is a proprietary blend that is used to repair skin and sculpt the body.

This cream addresses stretch marks, while at the same time fighting accumulated areas of fat anywhere on the body that it is applied to.

The product has proven to be incredibly popular among new mothers, who have tried every remedy in the book in order to get rid of their stretch marks, which they often develop during pregnancy.

It is expected that the average new mother will spend several hundred dollars on products that only deliver very small results, if any.

TLC wanted to change this and they got Kevin and Jennifer Tilney on board in order to create SlimR.

This is a thermogenic blend that has been shown to improve skin tone and contour.

Additionally, it treats the stretch marks people develop during periods of weight gain, including pregnancy.

The ingredients are designed to properly penetrate the skin.

Additionally, each ingredient works in synergy with the next, thereby creating a beautiful and healthy body contour.

Working in synergy means that each ingredient has certain benefits, but by putting them together, these benefits are greatly increased.

SlimR helps to fight fat accumulation in all problem areas, including the thighs, stomach, hips and arms.

However, it does not proclaim to be a miracle product in its own right.

Rather, TLC recommends that people also focus on having a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, on top of using their SlimR product twice per day.

They also have a variety of other products in stock to help people cleanse their body from the inside.

Ingredients include hyaluronic acid, natural herbal extracts, green tea and vitamin E.

Put together, these help to smooth skin tone, creating a more even look.

It also addresses irritated skin, helps to provide deep hydration and minimizes stretch marks.

People have been surprised again and again on how TLC keeps on managing to produce products that are completely natural and that actually work.

Each product is hailed as being ‘the best one yet' and SlimR has been no different.

As a body toner cream it works brilliantly as an addition to the other TLC products that promote both health and wellness.

Use the SlimR Body Wraps gives you an incredible 1-2 punch to help accelerate your results.

Is you would like to try SlimR and/or the SlimR Body Wraps risk free, then click here and put SlimR to the test with the Total Life Changes 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. 

[schema type=”product” abaxp_name=”Iaso SlimR” abaxp_image=”” abaxp_price=”49.95″ abaxp_currency_price=”USD” abaxp_availibility=”inStock” abaxp_rating_value=”5″ abaxp_acaxr_count=”1″ abaxp_condition=”NewCondition” abaxp_brand=”Iaso SlimR” abaxp_manufacturer=”Total Life Changes” abaxp_model=”Iaso SlimR” abaxp_identifier_name=”sku” abaxp_value_identifier=”213904634″ abaxp_description=”SlimR is an amazing cream that helps you to reduce cellulite and stretch marks. Simply apply the cream daily and watch as your skin tightens, tones and becomes beautifully smoothwhile the cellulite and stretch marks fade away.” ]